“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop is open to all children of Primary and National School age. At the end of the term the children will showcase what they have achieved and done in a stage show. The show will be staged with all the children in the costumes that they have made, with their stage make up applied and under stage lights, however no child will be made perform if they don't want to. 


The children are all stars in the show and every child will be equal and will be performing with a group. 

The children will be encouraged to work and to help one another and when the children complete their workshop they will be awarded with their FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop Certificate of Excellence in recognition of what they have achieved and they will keep anything that they have made in their workshop.

The children will play games and act out scenario's that help to stimulate the children's self confidence, communication and teamwork skills and the children are allowed to be individual and to express themselves,

Image of The funkyKids on stage


What are the Activities:

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Art and Craft
  4. Creating
  5. Learning

How will your child benefit:

  1. They will have a lot of fun
  2. They will be involved in teamwork
  3. They will gain confidence
  4. They will learn to achieve and be proud of themselves
  5. They will be given the chance to perform on a stage with lights, sound, etc if they want to.

What do you have to do:

  1. Very little
  2. Be encouraging
  3. Materials will be provided but you may be asked to supply some old clothes and recyclable material for your child
  4. You could be asked to give a small hand in the workshops or on the nights that the show is been staged.

Go to our feedback page to read comments from children that have attended our workshops.