“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

From some Children


"Wow! It is so cool having a club come to our school but having a show is even better" - Jade 6th class


"I thought the FunkyKids club was really really good and I hope Denis and Olivia come back to our school and do another show. It was really brilliant" - Rachel 5th class


"The show was brilliant. I loved it so much that I would scream. It was fantastic. Thank you Denis and Olivia it was great and can we do it next year" - Molly 5th class


"It was great crack. I wish it didn't end" - Claudia 6th class


"The most fun I ever had. It was brilliant" - Rebecca 6th class


"Denis and Olivia you are the best. Thank you for teaching me everything" - Emma 4th class


"Denis and Olivia Thank you so much for all the fun we've had for the past 10 weeks. You couldn't have chosen better songs. I will miss you" - Sabhbh 4th class


"Thank you for everything. I had great fun - Stephen 4th class


"Denis and Olivia. Thank you so much for everything you did with us. We really loved having you in our school. You are both superstars" - Sara 4th class


"Thank you for helping us with our songs and costumes. My favorite song is I'm on my way" - Shane 4th class


"I liked the Mimic Man. I was very nervous up on the stage. There were lots of lights coming from the ceiling" - Ciaran 3rd class.



"I am really excited about the show" - Luke 4th class


"The lights are cool and so is the music" - Billy 4th class


"It was a great 10 weeks. I would love to do it again" - Caoimhe 6th class


"I think the FunkyKids club is the coolest" - Eilis 4th class


"I thought the FunkyKids club were great. It was lots of fun" - Nicola 6th class


"The FuynkyKids club was a great experience" - Lucy 5th class


"This was really fun and I can't wait for the concert" - Colin 3rd class


"FunkyKids club rock"


"The FunkyKids Club was great" - Courtney 3rd class


"I wish it would never end. I am very happy at FunkyKids" - Aine


"It was really fun and I wish it wasn't over" - Adela


"It was great fun. I had a blast. Denis and Olivia are really nice. I love the FunkyKids club" - Aoife


"The FunkyKids Club was fun" - Conor


"FunkyKids was one of the best things ever. Everything was great. I loved it" - Sean


"Startin off I didn't like it but soon it got better and better" - Barry


"It was alright I suppose - only messin it was brilliant. Please come back soon" - Muireann


"I really enjoyed the FunkyKids club. It really changed who I am. P.S Come back soon" - Cieragh


"It was absolutely deadly" - Joey


"They are the best club in the world" - Gillian


"It was savage" - Richard


"It was the best thing we did in school in a long time" - Hannah


"The FunkyKids Club is fantastic" - Edward


"I really had a fab time" - Michelle


"I really loved the FunkyKids club for the last 10 weeks and I hate to see you go" - Emily


"I really enjoyed the last 10 weeks. Thank you so much" - Sinead


"I think the FunkyKids Club is excellent" - Alan


"The FunkyKids Club is the coolest thing ever" - Clinton


"I think the FunkyKids club is the best thing that ever came to our school" - Linda






From some Parent's


"Unforgettable" - J.H


"Really unreal entertainment" - M.R.


"Fantastic show, more please" - M.C.


"Fantastic show from start to end" - F.B.


"Wow, wow, wow fantastic show, well done to all" - M.B.


"Congratulations, Super Stars. Most enjoyable show" - C.R.


"The children were brilliant, well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it" - P.H.


"Very good show, keep up the good work"


"Great Show" - M.B.


"Excellant Show, well done" - T.D.


"Excellent show Nurney,well done - looking forward to next year" - B.M.


"Very confident children, lovely work with puppetts, singing, dancing, costumes and scenery. These children could be in professional pantomine. Well done Denis, Olivia, School Staff, Parents and children" - J.M.


"Had a great time, lots of energy and laughs" - M.F.


"Excellent show, well done Nurney N.S."


"Really, Really fun and lively - brilliant" - E.C.


"Great from start to finish" - J.P.


"Looking forward to next year. Would you do a Funky Teenagers as well please"


"Brilliant show. Hope to see you next year and the kids loved it"


"Fab show and a brilliant 10 weeks. Enjoyed by children and adults, will be missed a lot but looking forward to next year" - C.M.


"I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job with the kids of Wandesforde School. I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal and show. I have to say that I think the funky kids club should be an essential part of every primary school curriculum. I loved the way the children all shared the stage, no one taking the limelight and their confidence just shone. I think Will had improved in confidence and self esteem since the show. We're looking forward to next year, see you then," - Lorna James


"Award winning" - L.B.


"Fantastic! great to see all the kids so happy and enjoying it. Well done to all" - F.D.


"Absolutely brilliant. Lovely to see the children so happy and confident" - L.C.


"Super evening - what wonderful talent" - E.B.


"Absolutely super - we certainly need a 2nd episode" - L.B.



From some Teacher's


"Absolutely fantastic, unreal experience" - S.G.


"Wow! Thanks so much for such fun, inspiration and talent. understanding, togetherness, cooperation all words that come to mind. Top notch be proud guys" - G.M.


"Enjoyed every minute of it. It brought out the best in the children and everyone had an equal part. Well done you will go far" - M.H.


"Mile Buiochas for a great experience. It was truly uplifting. I loved seeing the kids faces light up. Denis Dolly Parton better watch out" - M.P.


"Fantastic: Superb: Such fun: I have never enjoyed a process so much. It was a joy to work with both of you. You have brightened the lives of all the children. They are now so confident and that's all due to you both. Thank you for all you have done" - M.C.


"Thanks so much Denis and Olivia. It was a fantastic experience to be part of. The kids and staff enjoyed every minute" - R.M.


"Thanks to Denis and Olivia for a brilliant 10 or 11 weeks. Our Fridays just won't be the same now it is almost over" - Principal


"Denis and Olivia, Thank you so much for all your efforts during the last 10 weeks. You were amazing with the children. You certainly brought out the children's confidence to a level that we could never have. We are very much indebted to you. Thank you - Principal


"What can I say, you both are such a fantastic team. We thoroughly loved having you here and all the work you did. Hopefully see you next year" - S.D.