“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop is a club that has been inspired by Denis and Olivia Staunton both of which have huge experience in working with children in stage and theater shows. They have put this experience into The FunkyKids Club and there we will learn your child to sing, dance and be creative, all in a fun, colorful and non competitive environment.


Our Ethos:

The children in The FunkyKids Club are all "stars".  and they do not perform individually. They all perform together as a group and every child is given the same chance no matter what their circumstances or abilities are.



We have worked with special needs children and children with disability in The FunkyKids Club and these children have equally benefited as the main stream children that we work with. We are very proud of what all the children achieve in our workshops.




Denis and Olivia have seen the benefits to children and how they have achieved in themselves when they have taken part in The FunkyKids Club stage shows.